DeHedge platform - perspective investment in ICO with investment protection

DeHedge Platform-Perspective Investment in ICO With Investment Protection

The DeHedge platform is a fundamentally new format with a developed infrastructure and a complex of powerful tools for the protection of crypto-investments.
The main task is to prepare a stable and convenient decentralized platform for hedging investors' risks in crypto-currencies. The goal of the developers is to carefully consider the reliable protection of investments in the ICOand the security of crypto currency against the risk of fraud, failure of selected projects or serious fluctuations in rates.
Automatic payment of compensation 
The work of the DeHedge platform is based on the use of the progressive technology of smart contracts Ethereum with the guarantee of automatic and full reimbursement in case the price of the hedged token falls. If desired, the investor himself can refuse to receive an automatic payment, independently deciding on a request for compensation. 
Official pages of the project on the Internet:

Coverage does not exceed reserves 

Any transaction is reserved by a smart contract with the formation of security until the full recovery of losses incurred by the investor, according to the hedging option chosen by it. The investor gets convenient opportunities to accurately control the amount of reserved compensation through the block. 
What gives DeHedge to investors - the progressive capabilities of the new platform   
- Protection of investors' investments in ICO projects. 
- Protection from excessive volatility of courses in the activity of crypto-currency traders. 
- Preservation of profitability and attraction of investors for heads of investment funds. 
- Attraction of investors in ICO-projects. 
- Attracting additional investments for ICO sites. 
- Protection against exchange rate fluctuations for buyers of mining farms. 
How the DeHedge Platform Works - Effective Principles of Success 
At the heart of the DeHedge platform, the progressive scoring model for accurate and objective evaluation of ICO projects is the author's development based on the analysis of big data with the guarantee of investor protection in case of falling token rates or liquidation of the project. 
How will the collected funds of ICO platform DeHedge:  
  • 80% of the funds under the project will be directed to the formation of a reserve fund. 
  • 12% of the funds received - for the development and development of the project, the content of a qualified team. 
  • 6% of funds - are directed to the tasks of marketing and general promotion of the platform. 
  • 2% of funds - for a complex of necessary accounting and legal services. 
How will DeHedge platform tokens be distributed:  
  • 80% of tokens are allocated to the ICO. 
  • 15% of the tokens are provided to the project team. 
  • 2% are for the bounty program. 
  • 2% are allocated for advisers. 
  • 1% - for marketing tasks. 
Forecast growth of the DHT token exchange rate:
The growth of the DeHedge tokens rate is influenced by four indicators:  
• Reduction in the number of free-token tokens; 
• Increase in the hedge reserve; 
• Increased demand for hedging; 
• Increasing the product line by hedge 
According to preliminary estimates by DeHedge, up to 15% of all tokens in free float will be simultaneously used in the hedging. At the same time, experts of the hedging market estimated that payments will be made through 25% of the hedging. Therefore, the number of tokens will be reduced by a quarter. DeHedge plans to increase the offer of hedging products for crypto-economics and crypto-investors. 
Planned DeHedge products: 

  • Hedging transactions on exchanges. 
  • Hedging of wallets. 
  • Hedging the risks of currency fluctuations for buyers of mining farms. 
  • Hedging of lost profit for miners. 
  • Hedging of mining equipment. Entering new products on the DeHedge platform will increase the demand for DHT tokens, which in turn will increase the cost of the token.
The DeHedge project will be implemented on the public blockbuster Ethereum. The Ethereum blockbuster is the industry standard for issuing digital assets and smart contracts. The ERC20 token interface allows you to deploy a standard token that is compatible with the existing infrastructure of the Ethereum ecosystem, including development tools, wallets and exchangers. The Ethereum block is excellent for the needs of the DeHedge project: release of tokens, decentralized fixation of hedging obligations, payment and payment methods. DHT follows the ERC20 standard. Smart contracts will be implemented in the Solidity programming language.
The author of the article: The article was written by Lamkuta (Profile Bitcointalk)