Iagon is a platform for using storage capacities and computational power of several computers on a decentralized mesh grid. Using Iagon allows you to store large data files and repositories, as well as reduce file size and perform complex computational processes, such as those needed for artificial intelligence and machine learning operations, Fully protected and encrypted platform that blocks blocking, cryptographic and artificial technologies in user-friendly form.

Advantages of the Iagon platform

  • Multiple-lock support Lagon gives its users and developers complete freedom to choose and consume decentralized cloud services. The Lagon platform allows you to work with several blockchain chains, performing storage and processing operations with Bokchejna Ethereum or Tangle. Users or miners can choose between two blockchain chains to provide complete security for their halyards, handle komplantacionnye tasks, pay for and receive Iagon tokens for cloud services, and primarily use Huge advantages in gaining access to market and state-modern technologies.
  • Technology "Iagon secure lake " Technology "Iagon secure Lake " is based on the technology of Nonbreaking encryption, based on the block chain, on file splitting and storage of small anonymous and heavily encrypted fragments of source files Providing full protection of data files, other types of files (such as scans, photos and videos) and databases of any size and provides quick search and update of any saved file. Except for the user who securely downloads File and has a password (key) to extract and encrypt, no one can read the contents of small fragments of a file, encrypt, delete, modify, extract them, identify their source or even link them to other fragments of files that Generated from the original downloaded file. Iagon technology ensures that even when information systems are in any way violated, the data and files they use cannot be accessed, removed, or altered in any way.


The architecture of the Lagon platform consists of three unique sections: machine learning algorithm, blockchain and miners, encryption/decryption protocol. When a request is sent to the platform, the machine learning algorithm sends the miners data blocks to handle and match the signatures. These data blocks are then sent back for validation on the Oblochnoj chain along with the output that the machine learning algorithm will use to identify the node. It is not possible to identify a node without processing the data in multiple blocks and identify the correlation so that it provides a level of anonymity and confidentiality for users. Individual miners will not be able to identify a particular request or node if they do not have access to sufficient blocks. The blocks are distributed evenly miners, using the proof of dispersion and do not store any of the data in their local systems. This allows anonymous processing of data without being able to identify a single node separately except through the machine learning algorithm.

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