Bridging the Gap Between Crypto and Fiat Payouts

What is OTPPAY?
OTPPAY: Platform token Payment Platform, we are developing to bridge the gap between Crypto and Fiat Payouts.

OTP tokens on the Etherium platform and compliant with ERC20.

This token will be available on the main cardboard crypt target after ICO is completed. For more info see the official Website OTPPAY.

How many tokens to sell

In ICO sold 600 million tokens will be sold simultaneously with 111 Million Bonus & Rewards tokens.

How to participate in OTPPAY Pre-Sale / ICO?

To opt in token bidding, you simply send ETH to the token address. Your proof will be sent to your shipping address automatically.

Pre-sales will run from March, 5 to 3 April 2018.
ICO Stage 1 will be live from April 4 to 3 May 2018.
ICO Phase 2 will be live from May 4 to 2 June 2018.
In Pre Sale - 1ETH = 16,000 Token + Bonus (20%)
In Phase I ICO - 1 ETH = 8,000 Token + Bonus (15%)
In Phase II of ICO - 1 ETH = 8,000 Token + Bonus (10%)
Note: 5% referral bonus for all participants.

Token Classification Token Classification
Soft Cap 1250 ETH
Hard Cap 71250 ETH
Token Protocol ETH / ERC20
Token Enrichment 0.10% of total Revenue will be used to buy back tokens and will be annihilated every month.

Unchecked Tokens Unsolicited Tokens will be burned.
What will happen with an unsold token?
will be burned. No additional evidence will be available for sale after the ICO. If anyone is interested in holding OTP tokens they can get from our partner bourse.

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