Blockchain For Financial Markets Applications and Services


The Blockchain and digital currency world has paved way to a whole new understanding of decentralization. This does not just pose a challenge to the traditional perspective of financial transactions but also focuses on eliminating the loopholes attached with the traditional financial system. This goes to prove how advanced the blockchain technology has gone, and also how it has been able to diminish global boundaries by offering a chance at having an alternate and improved future for the whole world.

Though the blockchain technology is still at its initial phase, and encounters several hitches in terms of quality of its service, ease of use, and performance, every generation of Blockchain is innovative, which makes it a better choice. The main force behind the Blockchain technology is how it has been able to utilize a decentralized system. However, the lack of a realworld application, and business and technological limitations, has been one of the drawbacks to the full adoption of the Blockchain technology. Qompass thrives to provide solutions to the hitches commonly faced by the earlier generations of Blockchain, and also offers an even more innovative platform that can help in creating a bridge that connects the world together.


Cryptocurrency, a form of digital currency that is backed by its system of operation being embedded in cryptography, is revolutionizing the monetary system of the whole world right now. Cryptography is rapidly becoming a medium of carrying out monetary transactions by traders, merchants, and even private individuals, in a more decentralized form. In general, cryptocurrency is a typical instance of how human ingenuity backed by strong societal commitments, has paved way for better and innovative solutions to the intricate issues of having to handle the exchange of any form of value through human interaction. 
Supported by the revolutionizing technology of Blockchain, cryptocurrency offers the needed step to a more decentralized financial world. Driven by the mathematical processes behind it, this new ground-breaking digital currency is an uncompromised and non-manipulative monetary form that is bestowed with benefits, which makes it stand out from all other previous forms of monetary exchange.
With their exponential growth trend and enhanced adoption rates experienced all over the world, there is no doubt that the Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are definitely in their boom season.
From 2009, which marked the inception of the popular Bitcoin, to date, cryptocurrency has rapidly climbed the ladder and gained the status of being a legitimate and tradable commodity that is practiced on a wide and global scale. Massive liquidity, in the form of billions of dollars, is being traded on a daily basis, and Bitcoin is only one out of the estimated 850 cryptocurrencies that are being used for buying, selling, and trading today. However, the features of these currencies range from being exceptionally practical to being practically useless based on their underlying technology.
The application of any cryptocurrency is based on its ability to validate, transfer, and regulate finance better than the traditional central financial systems, regulatory bodies, as well as other international fiscal treaties. Catching note of this ability rendered to cryptocurrencies by the mathematically fluid technology of Blockchain, powerful and well-established institutions fear that its infiltration might take over the global financial system.

Advantages of crypto currency

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have revolutionized the global financial system as digital currencies are rapidly catching-on despite being antagonized by governments and various figures in the traditional banking system. Most people are afraid of venturing into cryptocurrency either because of their lack of knowledge or they have heard more bad than good, which mostly comes from proponents of the traditional finance system.

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