Exolover Project Campaign

EXOLOVER (Project Campaign) 

ExoLover is a project that includes a decentralized platform and an innovative collection of sex toy devices that allow users to experience the full range of sexual sensations from sexual intercourse alone or with partners from around the world.
Exolover Pty Ltd is an Australian Company that develops high-tech devices for adults that allow users to remotely interact and share real intimate feelings in complete privacy.
The device was born from the idea of an Exo-skeleton-Exolover device that covers parts of the body and provides support for a fuller satisfied sexual life.
The principle of operation of the basic devices is an imitation of sexual intercourse of different intensity. The device is a innovation, which efficiently mimic the process of sexual intercourse and its accompanying sensations. Mechanical and electronic equipment (consisting of a set of hardware and software) allows you to install the program and manage sexual intercourse. A distinctive feature is the ability to have sex with a virtual partner or remote.Working devices with the platform involves two types of connection:

  • Internal-work mode device internal connection "device Platform". It includes innovative device, adult video and audio content synchronized with the device through a platform for personal use and process control by the user or specified program;
  • External-simultaneous operation of devices in the external connection mode "device-Platform-device" with remote partners connected to the platform. It includes innovative devices that are synchronously connected through the platform and process control by one of the users. The number of partners and the choice of devices may vary depending on sexual preference.
The main problem is the lack of an innovative breakthrough in the sex toy industry and the lack of devices that qualitatively mimic the process of sexual intercourse. As a result, customers continue to enjoy slightly improved versions of dildos or masturbators with vibration function.

The increase in the number of various diseases, unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, the growth of information flows, overload with social activity, lead to the limitation of live communication. Every year, the number of people who do not have regular sex life increases over a long period of time.
Now, we're asking why other people don't have regular sex partners. Why there is the problem? Well, there are so many reasons why a person doesn't have a sex life, some may be medical in nature, and some are as simple as self-doubt.
Factors such as anxiety, insecurity, fatigue and more . Why don't you have sex or reach orgasm when you have a partner. You don't have enough time when you have work, family and so many things to do. This is most common with married couples when people just want to sleep when they come home from work.
ExoLover offers a solution. Customers are able to realize all their bold sexual fantasies with innovative devices connected to the web platform at any time. The industry is gaining demand for a new generation of sexual devices. Our innovative devices are capable of transmitting high-quality sensations of full sexual intercourse, and a decentralized web platform will provide anonymity to users and will allow to achieve the peak of pleasure even without physical contact with a partner.

Anonymity of contacts is provided by simplified registration in the system to the e-mail address of the encrypted EXO wallet. The principle of operation of the main devices is based on the simulation of reciprocating motion, the movement of different intensities. ExoLover devices are an innovative development that qualitatively mimics both the process of sexual intercourse and the accompanying sensations, such as hugs, touches and hand caresses. The use of visualization techniques is optional and depends on the users themselves. You can also include adding audio chat, animation, video or even a webcam. All depends on the degree of comfort of the users and their desires . ExoLover comes with several preinstalled avatars, but customers can create their own avatar (looks, clothes, height, size, etc.) and appear as it is, or as they present themselves in their wildest dreams.
SolutionExoLover comes with some high-quality pre-installed avatars: users can also create their own avatars with individually-specified features (appearance, clothing, height, size, etc ...) allowing them to look as they are or as they imagine themselves alone, in their wildest dreams, to be
FeaturesThe ExoLover Suite sophisticated, patented, sophisticated sex toy product, realistically mimics user-induced sexual activity with varying intensity. 

Special features in the user opportunity to have sexual partnerships virtual or remote. When creating an ExoLover User profile, they are free to determine their physical appearance and personal aspect of their choosing, creating the person they are dreaming of. Each user's external connections initialize the user reward algorithm inside the EXO Intelligent Contract Platform, which allows them to be rewarded with an EXO Token, this award system called "Proof of Connect".

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