Basic SEO Variations Increase Blogger Visitors

Blogger lonely visitors will weaken the spirit (blogging) or post updates. Blogger lonely readers will also make it difficult for a blog to become a Google AdSense publisher.

Variations Increase Blogger Visitors
Variations Increase Blogger Visitors

Tips to increase blog visitors (visitors, traffic, pageviews) is to implement search engine optimization or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The search engine - especially Google - is the source of traffic, the place where bloggers come.

Visitors members open Google, then search for the information they need, and Google displays the Search Results Page (SERP). If our blog posts are ranked in the top, then visitors will be crowded. Traffic will increase.

According to Google's Webmaster, Google does three basic anchors to display search results, namely crawling, indexing and ranking. In the process, Google implemented an algoritma.

Google Webmaster
Google Webmaster

1. Crawling

Crawling is encroachment or search. Google must continuously search for new pages and add them to the list of known pages. This discovery process is called crawling.

2. Indexing

Indexing is done after the page (website / blogger) is found. In this process, Google tries to understand the various elements on the page.

Google analyzes the content of pages, catalog images, and video files embedded on the page, and tries to understand the page. This information is stored in Google's index, which is a large database that is stored on many computers.

3. Ranking

Ranking of views and ratings. When users type a query, Google tries to find the most relevant answer from its index based on many factors.

Google tries to determine the answer with the highest quality, and takes into account other considerations that will provide the best user experience and the most appropriate answer, taking into account things such as location, language, and user device (desktop or mobile).

Google provides a Search Engine Optimization Guide that can be applied on our blog that will increase the number of visitors or crowded readers.

The essence of Google's SEO tips is to register a website or blogger with Webmaster Tools and Register a Sitemap. Two things that will speed up the blog is recognized, encroached, indexed, and ranked Google.

SEO tips to increase blogger visitors are as follows:

1. Fast Loading

Use light or fast blogger templates (fast loading). The appearance of a heavy blogger is not liked by search engines and visitors.

Use a simple template, simple, also save money in installing widgets or other elements in blogger. Check your blogger speed on PageSpeed ​​Insight.

2. Mobile-Friendly

Implementing a mobile-friendly blogger template responsive, which is easily accessible on mobile devices and also quickly appears when opened.

Use premium blogger templates to ensure your bloggers are fast loading and responsive. Check your blogger responsiveness in the Mobile-Friendly Test.

3. Quality Content

Quality content is the main SEO. Content is king (content is king). Fill blogger with articles, articles, or posts that are useful for visitors.

We can fill bloggers by sharing experiences and knowledge that would be useful for readers. Google said, quality content includes original, original, own writing, not copy content (copy paste results).

Try posting bloggers with pictures (photos / images) and if there are videos. In addition, long articles (long blog posts) have recently become a trend in SEO Writing. Long articles make a complete, comprehensive, detailed, and clear discussion.

4. Register Your Blogger

Create a blog and fill it with several posts, register the blog to Google Search Console (formerly called Webmaster Tools) and click ADD A PROPERTY to introduce your blog to Google.

5. Register Sitemap

After being registered with Google, also register a site map (Sitemap), which is the content of your blogger, to be crawled, indexed, and ranked by Google.

Alternative sitemap code below:


If the content exceeds 500, use the sitemap code below:


6. Social Media and Forums

Campaign your bloggers on social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and forums like Quora and Kaskus.

7. Link Building

There are 3 types of links that need to be built:

1. Internal Link
2. External Link
3. Backlink

Internal Link is a link posted in writing that leads to the related article. External Link is a link posted in a post and leads to someone else's website or blog (not the blogger himself). The best examples of implementing internal and external links are articles on the Wikipedia site.

Backlinks are links on other websites / bloggers that point to our blogger. Backlinks are important for the credibility and popularity of the blog. One of the tips to get backlinks can be seen in Backlinks.

8. Images SEO

The image that we insert in the text must be optimized by:
  1. Image file names contain keywords in the file name format, for example, tips-seo-blog.jpg
  2. Make sure the image is given the title text
  3. Make sure the image is given alternative text (alt text)
9. Blogwalking

Blogwalking popular on blogger forums, is the activity of visiting other people's bloggers and giving comments. However, there are still many bloggers blogging for "spam" (leaving a link in the comments). spam is bad for the reputation of the blogger and admin.

That's all the basic SEO tips to increase the number of blogger visitors. Of course there are many other tips. For beginner bloggers (newbie bloggers), presumably the tips above are also quite "troublesome".

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