Blogging Term Glossary-Dictionary

The blogger glossary is just a science for novice blogger members so that beginners can find out the basics of the blogger dictionary term.

Blogging Term Glossary
Blogging Term Glossary-Dictionary

Definition of Blogger

A blogger (shortening of "weblog") is an online journal or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their views on an individual subject.

The Purpose of a Blogger

The more frequent and better your blogger posts are, the higher the chances for your website to get discovered and visited by your target audience. Which means, a blog is an effective lead generation tool. Add a great call to action (CTA), and it will convert your website traffic into high-quality leads.

But a blog also allows you to showcase your authority and build a brand.

When you use your niche knowledge for creating informative and engaging posts, it builds trust with your audience. Great blogging makes your business looks more credible, which is especially important if your brand is still young and fairly unknown. It ensures presence and authority at the same time.

Definition of blogging

Blogging is the many skills that one needs to run and control a blog. Equipping web page with tools to make the process of writing, posting, linking, and sharing content easier on the internet.

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