Responsive and Fastest Loads Blogger Themes

The lightest blog template is in great demand by blogger members to apply the themes wrap  blogger templates best 2019.

Here are some blog templates that load fast, are responsive mobile friendly and have already been used.

Bloggers themes conscience

1. New Thesis SEO Blogger Template

The New Thesis template is "legendary" among bloggers. This theme was redesigned by CB Blogger Forum and free download.


2. SEO Fix Blogger Template

The SEO Fix template is also widely used by bloggers who focus on content and SEO. It looks very light and simple.


3. Minify – Fastest Blogger Template


4. Fastest Blogger Template


5. SEOFast Blogger Template


The 5 templates above are the winner of responsive blogger templates and fast loading, you can check them first before using.

Takis Theme


Blog competition is getting tougher from time to time, use the right template for your blogger article.

Remember the future of your blog also depends on the template that you use, in addition to quality content, of course.

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