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What is BEEX Zendesk Why BEEX Zendesk? a simple and Fully Transparent Integrated Crypto Exchange.

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BEEX Zendesk Review

Many new cryptocurrency exchanges available with varied features and specialties.It’s very important to choose the right exchange.It's also worth checking the cryptocurrency exchange rates between different platforms.Most of the cryptocurrency exchanges charge excessive fees to list a new token, high fees for every action they take and every transaction they make like Deposit fees, maker fees, taker fees, and withdrawal fees, all go to the exchange.

BEEX Zendesk, a simple , smart and anonymous, First Fully Transparent Integrated Crypto Exchange, created for small and medium but impressive and unique blockchain projects. Any project can list on this exchange even for free with own community support. It is based the new era of exchange who care about blockchain future. Most exchanges take advantage of their users or traders.

The Beex Zendesk Exchange, also known as, is a new generation of global integrated crypto exchange. with top grade performance of matching system which is designed for million level of concurrent transactions. It will further evolve into a globally distributed multi-nodes system and provide decentralized custody and clearing services of crypto assets to institutions and retail investors transparently.

Join here to get started with BEEX Zendesk, pretty good interface, simple and easy to use, no difficulty at all.

BEEX  Zendesk - good entry point for everyone like Dreamers, thinkers, Professionals, Newbies, Professionals, bears and more seasoned traders tend to avoid it because of the higher fees. It offers better rates than other exchanges.

Why BEEX Zendesk

  • Fully Transparent
  • Transparency is often a sign of legitimacy.Many exchanges claim to be transparent. But, in reality, not all of them can provide the level of transparency they promise.For example, some exchanges incline to hide information about the fees they charge.
    This is the first trading platform which data is fully transparent and most trustworthy.Regularly publicize the address to avoid malicious acts such as misappropriation of funds and ensure the absolute security of the user's assets.
  • 100% Of The Platform Currency Is Generated By Mining
  • The total amount of platform currency BEE is 100 million; 100% of BEE will be generated by trade mining only, and there is no trade barrier for team reservation and private placement. BEEX will buyback BEE and destroy it weekly with platform fees and activity income, to a total of 21 million BEE.
  • Secure & Reliable
  • BEEX has the traditional financial level of business, technology and supervision capabilities. BEEX will not store any user assets in future which eliminated the concerns of inflated assets, assetless leverage, manipulated liquidation and platform hacking. It is the The most secure, fastest wallet With the lowest fee, Works with all devices, with all users anywhere in the world. All you need to be a Telegram user.
  • Integrated Trading Services
  • Only need to register a BEEX account, no need to open exchange account repeatedly, BEEX will integrate the world-renowned digital currency exchanges, intelligently choose the best currency price for cross-exchange transactions, free of cross-wallet transfer fees. In addition to the above also serve : OTC service, Auto Trading and outstanding stop lost orders, Easy to use trading interface,Low or Zero exchange listing fees for ERC tokens and much more will be update.

    Transform Your Passion Into Trading Profits with BEEX

    The world's first exchange, which has started market making service integrated in the exchange. Anyone can be a market maker. You just have to decide which team, Bulls or Bears.Genuine exchange for honest traders.

    No KYC needed Your account will be verified automatically when you withdraw funds. In other way you stay incognito all the time.

    Low FEE

    Crypto deposits are almost free of cost, crypto withdraw and trading fee for filled order at 0.1%, Wire deposit or withdraw - 2%.

    Fast funds Deposit

    Add some funds from your Bee Wallet account and start trading with no delay. Just enter amount and start trading.

    No bots, pumps & dumps

    BEEX Zendesk Exchange absolutely sure that trading bot are killing genuine trading. It doesn't support speculative trading, pumps and dumps.

    Easy wire deposit or withdraw

    It's really simple and fast - choose your currency and amount and make a transfer from your card. Done. That's it so simple.

    Maximum privacy

    BEEX Zendesk Exchange do not store and collect personal data. BEEX Zendesk believe that every man around the world can earn money in privacy.

    The conclusion is Fully transparent exchange, no reservations and no additional issuance, 100% BEE is produced by mining, Aggregate trading platform, buyback, Invested by Pivot (Pivot is Blockchain and Cryptocurency Community with world class level), Trade Mining, Daily mining pool, Regular production cuts, Activity Bonus, Invitation Bonus, BEE Rights, Buyback Plan & Token Burn etc.

    Users feel the comfort that comes with free support. Join telegram channel BEEX Zendesk - dedicated Telegram support chat makes interacting with hassle-free and efficient.

    BEEX Zendesk offers a multi-user application. The client can get payments and pay bills. At the same time, different managers can receive payments, and different accountants can pay bills. The outgoing invoice can be approved for payment by the director.

    The wallet will grow with our users of the platform. Payments within the platform are instant.
    Having a turnover license gives us the opportunity to use Apple Pay and Google Pay. The current market size is about 2 million users. If you take all the crypto-banks and crypto-cards. In this segment, we process up to 70% of all payments. And if we have the fact that we are still connected to the wallet, then we will increase the audience to 15 million users. And we will be the only ones who offer such a chip.

    BEEX provides services to

    • Market makers => Orders with Zero FEE, Additional API,Wire deposit/withdraw with extra low FEE.
    • PRO traders => Orders with Zero FEE,Trading scenarios,Auto trading options, Additional features.
    • BEEX Zendesk licensed => BEEX working with US based "Satinka Fund" which have all needed licensing to work with crypto and wire.
    • Earn more money => Sell your trading signals, Share your trading history and get additional up to 50% of follower's.


    Perpetual contract is a derivative product that is settled in digital tokens such as Bitcoins (BTC). Traders enter either into a long (profit from upward trend) or short (profit from downward trend) position. Available leverage ranges from 1-100x.
    • Differences between futures and perpetual contracts:
    • Settlement Date: Perpetual Contracts have no delivery date and never expires, whereas futures have a settlement date.
      Funding Rate:Since there is no delivery date, a funding mechanism is used to ensure that the Perpetual Contract prices is anchored to the spot market price;
      Daily Settlement:A daily settlement process (at SGP Time 04:00, 12:00 and 20:00) moves Unrealized PnL into Realized PnL.
      Risk Limits: Minimum maintenance margin (MM) is the minimum amount a user needed to maintain the current position. When this requirement is violated (due to market movement), auto-deleveraging or liquidation process will commence. Users with different position size require different MM. The bigger the position size, the higher MM needed, and the lower you can set your leverage at.

    • Contract Specifications Details
    • Underlying => BTC/USD Index, etc.
      Multiplier => 1 USD
      Quote unit => Index
      Minimum Change => 0.01
      Leverage => 1~100

    • Fee Structure
    • Taker: 0.075%
      Maker: 0.02%

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