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Equity Token & Crypto Currency Exchange Platform (Swiss. Global. Secure). Soraix GmbH is based in Zug, Switzerland.

Soraix Exchange Platform

What is Soraix Exchange?

Soraix will enable companies of all sizes to raise capital via their own ETOs issued on our platform, via a dedicated blockchain.

Soraix is a worldwide first platform where investors can obtain digital shares of companies in the form of Equity Tokens which can be traded for other digital assets.

Stock Markets & Fiat Currencies

Innovations in virtually every industry are evident and ever present all around us. Nearly every
industry faces constant transformation as a result of the increasingly rapid rate of change provided
by new technology with the exception of one: the financial industry.
Despite having shifted from traditional paper ledgers to near-instant trading made possible via the
advent of the internet, it still remains at it’s heart, a relic of centuries passed. Traditional exchanges,
at their core, continue to operate upon mechanics far too similar to those exhibited by trading protocols employed as far back as the 17th century.
Soraix is determined to change this.
In fact, a significant portion of the financial industry is rooted in outdated models.
Consider fiat currencies. Having their origins in 11th century China, they are emitted privately and
backed by little more than trust in a private entity who’s central function is to continue printing
(thereby debasing) the currency, ensuring each and every new note printed effectively transfers value from those holding it, to those printing it.

Trade Review

An  trade can be digital currency a physical business or a carefully online business. As a physical business, it trades customary installment strategies and advanced monetary forms. As an online business, it trades electronically moved cash and advanced monetary forms. Frequently, the advanced cash trades work outside the Western nations to maintain a strategic distance from guideline and arraignment. In any case, they do deal with Western fiat monetary forms and keep up ledgers in a few nations to encourage stores in different national monetary standards.

The fast advancement of crypto related innovation, extraordinarily outpaces the capacity of the vast majority to comprehend this new wonder. The hole between crypto innovation and the open's comprehension of these frameworks keeps on developing at an exponential rate. The more prominent the hole, the more uncertain it is the open will completely grasp the innovation. This is the essential obstruction to more extensive adjustment confronting blockchain innovation, one that Soraix plans to address by means of our stage.

Trade with Soraix Exchange

Soraix, a Swiss-based trade, means to move open impression of cryptographic forms of money and advanced resource exchanging an obviously positive bearing. Notwithstanding offering our clients a second era computerized resource exchange stage, we will likewise offer organizations the capacity to raise capital by issuing Equity Tokens on our stage.

As adjustment of blockchain and digital forms of money keeps on developing, a few components of the foundation are starting to show splits: in particular, the speed with which exchanges are enrolled on the blockchain. Soraix will offer organizations of all size, the remarkable capacity to raise capital by empowering them to issue their own advanced Equity Tokens on our trade. For a considerable length of time, the obstruction to raise capital has been difficult for generally organizations. Just a little division of the top organizations have adequate assets to raise reserves by means of an IPO

Value Token Offerings, are the following gigantic shake-up of the deep rooted budgetary industry, empowering organizations with restricted access to capital, to offer retail speculators the chance to take an interest in a market recently saved for a small amount of financial specialists and organizations alike.

Our central goal is to profoundly change customary stock trades by tokenizing the trading of advantages by means of blockchain innovation. In doing as such, we are resolved to move open impression of advanced resources a positive way, bringing about more extensive adjustment and dependability in the business. The Soraix group comprises of a gathering of experienced individuals related with DLT innovation who in the past have effectively executed activities that have made progress in the field of Blockchain and the advertising of digital forms of money.

We will offer privately owned businesses the capacity to raise assets by empowering them to issue Equity Tokens on our Swiss advanced trade stage. Our clients will almost certainly buy these Equity Tokens, empowering the issuing organization to raise capital without the restrictive costs related with an IPO. These Equity Tokens will at that point be exchanged on our trade against other Equity Tokens, cryptographic forms of money, and different computerized resources, just as fiat monetary standards.

In light of a legitimate concern for guaranteeing a straightforward and safe commercial center for our clients, organizations wishing to lock in an ETO (Equity Token Offering) on our stage will experience a thorough checking process, notwithstanding being required to pursue an exacting Swiss legitimate structure, before their qualification to be recorded on our trade will be resolved.

We envision the acquiring intensity of the SRX Token as a way to partake in our income will enormously upgrade its intrigue to our client base, and guarantee it's steady development as an advanced resource of noteworthy incentive to financial specialists. It is our aim to remunerate the individuals who put resources into our token by empowering them to partake in the income each new ETO propelled on our stage produces for Soraix and SRX Token holders.

Revenue Sharing

Token Information

  • Token Name : SRX Token
  • Platform Token : Ethereum
  • Token Type : ERC20
  • Price ICO : 0.0239 USD
  • Tokens Sale : 600,000,000
  • Min. investment : 0.00025 ETH
  • Accepting Payment : BTC, BTC Cash, ETH, Dash, Ripple, Monero, LTC
  • Distributed ICO : 60%
  • Soft cap : 4,500,000 USD
  • Hard cap : 24,000,000 USD
  • Early Bonus : 26.08.2019 to 09.09.2019 : 10% || 09.09.2019 to 23.09.2019 :   5%
  • ICO : 23.09.2019 - 24.11.2019 Bonus 0-10% Unsold tokens will be burned

Trading shares with the Blockchain

ETO dedicated blockchain will be a new way to trade shares with unparalleled security, performance and cost eectiveness to our investors.

Token Sale

SRX Tokens will be released immediately after purchase.

ICO Sale

  • 23.09.2019 - 24.11.2019
  • Bonus 0-10%
  • Unsold tokens will be burned


  1. Order Matching Engine
  2. Our order matching engine will be built utilizing the latest available technology, rendering Soraix among the fastest exchanges on the market from onset. The possibility of order execution suffering any delays will be extremely unlikely on our platform, and we will invest heavily to ensure we remain at the forefront of order execution. Our dedicated blockchain will further ensure stability and lightning fast transaction execution time, even during high volume trading hours.

  3. The Future Is Near
  4. Soraix will feature a wide range of both standard and innovative features, to be rolled out out in the third and fourth quarter of 2019. A select few among them will include:
    => Soraix will migrate all forms of traditional trading (stocks, futures, derivatives, commodities, etc.) onto our blockchain. In short: ‘tokenize’ virtually any trade-able asset.
    => Crypto currencies, fiat, equity tokens, and other digital assets will be exchangeable against each other on the Soraix exchange.
    => Instant Trades (“Open Trades” will offer the option of one-click instant-trades, if a user no longer wishes to wait for the desired target price to be reached).
    => Leverage will be available to our traders.
    => Our users will have the option to store assets on secure Soraix wallets, or transfer them to their own private wallets at any time.
    => Our platform will support a wide range of fiat and crypto currencies both in form of deposit and withdrawal.
    => Securitization of digital assets.
    => Native mobile app (Q1, 2020).
    => Protection against exposure to financial loss resulting from trades on our platform. (In the interest of protecting our intellectual property behind this innovative product, we will release further details post launch, towards the end of Q4, 2019.)
    => Profiles of all digital assets available for trade, along with scoring, price, change, detailed charting and market sentiment.
    => Dedicated Equity Token portal, with unique design and enhanced features exclusive to Equity Token trading.
    => We will provide an engaging leaderboard, offering users a look at our most successful traders, along with details about their investment portfolios (the degree to which this information will be available, will be determined in each user’s privacy settings).
    => Social trading: users will have the ability to copy trades (portfolios) of anyone on the platform who’s portfolio (trading activity) are set to Public.
    => Users will have the ability to communicate with anyone else on the platform (provided both users have this option turned on).
    Global Mindset:
    The first version of our platform will be available in all major languages (English, Chinese (Mandarin/ Cantonese), Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish), with additional languages added in subsequent releases.
    => Security will remain at the forefront of our priorities, demonstrated by our investment in Swiss-based servers, engagement with Swiss financial institutions, and our company’s domicile in Zug, Switzerland in the interest of providing our users with the peace of mind associated with Swiss privacy laws and worldclass corporate regulations. Our platform will offer both 2-factor and 3-factor authentication protocols.
    => Funds stored by Soraix will be held in cold, offline storage at some of the most trusted Swiss financial institutions, with only a small portion of funds remaining on our servers – sufficient to offer uninterrupted liquidity on our platform.
    => Our wallet structure will offer multi-signature security features.
    => Our platform will invest generously in robust security systems virtually eliminating the risk of successful Denial Of Service attacks.
    => We will offer IP whitelisting.
    => Third-party security audits will be a standard on Soraix
    => Anti-Phishing Alerts
    => Withdrawal confirmations (via eMail/SMS), adding an additional layer of security

  5. Device Coverage
  6. Soraix will be a web-based trading platform, accessible on all major devices and Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, IOS), as well as mobile devices running IOS, and Android.

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