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The trading platform of the future! and The first no fees Decentralized blockchain marketplace based on Cosmos Network. The latest coin exchange future without complicated is the coinCoDEX.

Exchange Co-DEX

What is Co-DEX

As opposed to currency-centric exchanges which are built on top of a singular blockchain platform such as Ethereum, and which have the limitation of escrowing only ERC-20 assets, CoDEX, by virtue of implementing and building upon the IBC innovation created by the Cosmos Network, will become an currency-neutral exchange, meaning it’s architectural type will allow a connectivity between different native cryptocurrencies, users not having to limit themselves to a specific currency system.

Co-DEX Articulation

Co-DEX - the first no fees decentralized exchange, based on the IBC innovation provided by Cosmos Network, no more relying on a third-party service which holds customer's asset is necessary, an automated process called smart contracts allowing the trades to happen directly between users.

Co-DEX is the decentralized exchange (DEX) of the Future. It guarantees the highest possible security, full transparency and open source logic using the interoperability of Cosmos Network, Co-DEX will supports not only all Ethereum based tokens, but using the concept for the cross-blockchain features, Co-DEX will allow you to trade any tokens regardless of their native underlining blockchain making it easier for you, the user, to thrive in the crypto landscape.

Technology System Co-DEX

Co-DEX will implement a system where anonymity and privacy are the key components, security, of course being the main aspect, every transaction will be carried out following the necessary protocols to ensure the utmost efficiency, promptitude and security.
Governments have been shown to try to exert control over centralized exchanges, users having to answer to authorities that can and have been shown to track and tax these users, or even go to such lengths as to ban certain types of cryptocurrencies, problems that don't reach the sphere of decentralized exchanges.

Heighten scalability will allow for future upgrades, thus our systems will always keep pace with the new innovations and revolutionary features that are developed. To further show our user-friendly oriented approach, Co-DEX will provide everyone an easier means to access and use the platform by integrating and generating the necessary compatibilities for Metamask and Ledger users.

The main argument over other existing decentralized exchanges which Co-DEX brings to the table is the fact that it will take full advantage of the innovations and features of the COSMOS Network, ensuring a plenitude of tokens and coin being able to be traded regardless of their native blockchain.

Also, you can opt to have your funds secured through the decentralized wallet applications, Co-DEX Wallet, which will store private keys only on your device, so traders can retain full control over their funds and private keys. Our DEX is made by the blockchain community, for the blockchain community, with support from Co-DEX Foundation developers, as part of advancing our mission to spread the freedom of money.

No Fees

Other platforms request elaborated procedures and practice substantial fees that make trading very difficult at times, Co-DEX ensures that the users will benefit from a simplification of procedures and with our policy of Community First, Co-DEX will practice No Fees on top of the necessary gas or transaction costs that validate the transaction on the blockchains.

Article No Fees

We will provide a platform that is efficient, the user will only be charged the amount needed to cover the costs of the transaction, there by giving you the option to have more control over the fee service system. We here at Co-DEX, want to create a service with the community, by the community, for the community, our orientation is on growth and facilitating users to feel at home when using the Co-DEX platform.

Multiple Order Fulfillment

The focus Co-DEX is to provide the best user-friendly oriented approach, thus Co-DEX exchange will be offering a Multiple Order Fulfillment platform for a more cost-effective and less time wasting trading experience. 

Focus Co-DEX

You will only get charged for one single transaction, although you will be able to set an order for a specified amount and Co-Dex smart contract system will oversee all the necessary multiple transactions, if needed, to ensure that the order is executed.

Market Order and Limit Order

The Co-DEX exchange market this provide both possibilities to ensure for a better satisfaction of your needs, either place a Market Order to buy or sell a stock at the best available price, thus assuring it is normally executed on an immediate basis OR you can use a Limit Order, which will allow setting the price at which you want to buy or sell the stock, the trade thus will only get executed when the price breaches the level that has been specified.

Cross-chain transactions Review

Cross-chain transactions is the most important feature when it comes to this project. Since every blockchain has its own ecosystem, one of the most difficult and unsolved for many years, problem, was finding a way for all of these blockchains to communicate and to operate together. 

Using the revolutionary IBC features developed by Cosmos Network, we strive for a unification under a decentralized and secure platform, thus providing you, the user, a base for trading your assets from different blockchains. As such, you'll often hear these cross-chain protocols referred to as using an Internet of Blockchains, because they will be using a network of Blockchains which are all interoperable, these blockchains finally will have the ability to speak to one another because they will be integrated in a standardized way. 

If technology can achieve this goal, it means that you're going to be able to speed up innovation based on the fact that people too will be innovating on individual blockchains, which will also further improve other aspects such as scaling, etc.

This means that the technology won't rely on third-party connectors in order to transfer value from one chain to another. It’ll be built into the protocol itself. Token trading will be more efficient on Co-DEX than in any centralized exchange because blockchains in the Cosmos Network will be taking advantage of the benefits of using the features provided by the Tendermint consensus which is much faster than PoW. It would only take seconds to finalize a deposit. 

In addition, a proper decentralized exchange connected to the Cosmos Hub with order book support will be more secure than any centralized exchange, so it’s inevitable that the market will evolve toward the Cosmos model.

Co-DEX Token (COD1) Details

Co-DEX Token (COD1) has several uses:
  • The platform will host other IDOs, participation in these IDOs requiring user to hold COD1 tokens.
  • Setup costs for these future IDOs, will generate liquidity for the COD1 token.
  • Co-DEX will ensure periodical buyback programs to stimulate liquidity.
  • Users will be able to use COD1 as a means of payment towards third parties, if such future collaborations will arise.
  • After new tokens are listed, we will provide an airdrop to all COD1 holders, proportionate to the amount of COD1 each user holds.

  • Specification Token
    -  Token name => Co-DEX
    -  Token symbol => COD1
    -  Total supply => 250,000,000 COD1
    -  Token type => ERC-20
    -  Token initial value => 0.05 USDT
    -  Token Decimals => 18

    Distribution & Allocation Token

    Co-DEX’s intention is to allow a broad base of community members to participate in the IDO planned on our Dex. Co-DEX cannot guarantee that all prospective interested parties will be able to obtain their desired allocations during the Private and IDO phases, where the total maximum cap will be approximately the equivalent of $5 million. The amount of tokens available during the Token Contribution will be 100,000,000 COD1.
    There will be a two phased airdrop. Phase one of the airdrop will be deployed towards the first 20,000 Co-DEX community users.
    The second phase of the airdrop will occur in the first month and will affect every unique address that meets the trading volume conditions. The maximum amount of tokens each unique address can receive is 500 COD1. Therefore, the first 20,000 users that meet the trading volume requirement will be affected by the airdrop.
    The total amount of tokens available for Airdrop and for the Bounty Program will be 25.000.000 COD1.
    The distribution and allocation of the tokens for the Airdrops and Bounty Program will be communicated before the implementation of every phase. Feedback from the community might lead to certain possible changes and corrections, which will be communicated swiftly.
    The amount of tokens for the team, the advisory board, marketing as well as the tokens allocated as reserve will be locked for a period of one year. Reaching the hard cap, the intended token distribution will be as follows:

    Co-Dex Token Metrics

Co-DEX Official Wallet

Co-DEX official wallet with global connectivity. Ensures easy accesability and safety for your assets.

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