SEO Recommendations 2019 For Member Blogger

SEO recommendations 2019 for member blogger and have been discussed by various sources (whether from blogger members, World SEO master experts, first-ranked SEO net practitioners, etc.) to face competition in search engines in 2019. However, the question arises whether all of the article posts can guarantee that there is a truly appropriate and complete guide to practice after the 2018 search engine optimization update.

SEO Recommendations 2019 Blogger

SEO 2019 Review

The development of SEO 2019 was adapted using search engine solving procedures (Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, MSN, Yahoo, etc.) to support the activities of the world of blogging and search engine marketing (SEM) which is commonly done by online businesses. This condition makes SEO experts and website store online optimization agencies continue to carry out comprehensive testing and research to get higher ranking results on search engine pages.

In general, SEO is the whole process carried out by webmasters for optimizing pages or websites in detail (both using SEO on-page techniques and also off-page SEO techniques) to receive the best position in search engines, even if it is possible to reach Google's rank 1 position.

Why do blogger members always talk about and need SEO? What are the benefits of SEO? Indeed some many uses and benefits can be taken if our blogger site can be on the first page of Google's search engine. The first is an increase in visitors who enter the website every day through an SEO blogger member. Why? because the tendency of internet users in all the world will always open the page link or site URL that is ranked at the top of page one search engine that is being used.

If you are engaged in the e-commerce business, the position of your website or page on page one will certainly be very profitable, which will get visitors that increase every day. This endpoint is a potential customer or potential client that can be converted to increase product sales and profits of your company.

So, from the explanation above, it is very contrasted to see the benefits that you can achieve based on this 2019 SEO maximization process. so there is no reason not to start from now, while there is still time in 2019 and it is true that SEO makes online business as the number one in the world's best search engine.

King of Quality Content 2019

Content as is well known by SEO experts and professionals in the field of optimally improving, there is one thing that has never changed from time to time in developing SEO tips 2019 or building a website/blog to excel on search engines. Why? because content means the root, the foundation and the foundation of SEO as a whole, without knowing and mastering the basis of this content discourse, then the website will fall in the arrangement of the existence of backlinks and its relevance can be doubted by search engines.

In the past, Google put more emphasis on how many and accurate keywords you planted using keywords entered in the search column. in 2019, Google as smarter as before with updating procedures that have been carried out during 2018 last.

Indeed in the latest Google update in August 2018, it will still be permanent considering the use of keywords in the title tag, URL, ALT image text, Description Tag and H1 Tag. but, how deep the discussion in your content presentation will be the primary thing for choosing whether to index and display the google on the page due to search.

that is, now it is just how you create content that is profound or commonly claimed to be "in-depth" which contains about: a) the length of the content written. Indeed, until this moment, the polemic of how long the optimal content for search engines is still rolling among SEO experts. but the simple sense, how is it possible that a page that contains only five lines or 300 words about a topic can win the competition using in-depth and complete content on other Google search results pages.

if we are asked, how many words are right to be able to excel on search engines? So the answer, we are always working on articles that we make a minimum of 1000 words and in the high-queries article, we strive to contain at least 2000 terms in each of our targeted content. The consideration of using a minimum number of 1000 terms is enough to accommodate all the in-depth information expected by internet users as well as the Google engine to treat indexing well.

Adding enter LSI keywords is the next management art of the concept of producing content that is in-depth. What exactly is LSI keyword? LSI keyword means a series of words or phrases related to the main keyword. Simply put that LSI keyword means derived keywords that you must use to form SEO Content SEO in Depth. For example, you will discuss the topic of "online business". So your LSI keyword is "the latest online business", "online business without capital", "profitable online business", or able to also with "online shop business", and so forth.

So, if Google finds your LSI keyword as large as possible, then this smart search engine will think that your content is very comprehensive and the most perfect candidate for display on the main page that will occur. to make it easier to accept LSI keywords is to personally search for the main keywords on Google and see related search results that are at the bottom of the search results that you do.

Besides content in the form of articles such as the explanation above, SEO recommendations 2019 for the next blogger member means discourse on the need for video content. How could this video content be so important for SEO? The answer arises, the tendency of the use of the internet in this millennial era is getting busy accessing video.

Of course, the existence of this video content will be able to increase visitors to visit your website/blog. Moreover, the development of online businesses also requires the existence of 'content marketing' which has reached 43% as long as the population of internet users who access video content. Also, predictions are originating from internet marketing experts that in the year 2021, 80% of the origin of traffic on the internet is from the origin of online video presented by the content marketing producers.

So, utilizing the embedded video platform on YouTube is a wise step as SEO tips for 2019 which will have the largest search volume on search engines. Indeed, this time many ways can be used by member bloggers to rate 'YouTube Content', especially in the context of business. for example by citing and linking or creating links to videos that already exist on YouTube itself. Or, it could also be a way to share your emphasis by managing your YouTube account that is illuminated there we discussed in the article titled tips on youtube video online business ranking 1 google, and so forth.

Actually, you don't need to make videos on YouTube as routine or as much as possible, the recommendation for you is to focus on how little your videos are.

Seo Recommendations 2019

After we know the initial education to build a good SEO, the next SEO recommendations 2019 for Blogger Members are as follows:
  • Ranking Brain Google
  • This RankBrain system is a ranking factor that can significantly and comprehensively affect the content in search results on the Google search engine.

  • Mobile-First Index Feature Google
  • Writing your content articles looks more consistent, both on desktop and mobile devices, migrating your domain to a website that is more responsive and website/blog is 100% mobile-friendly.

  • Google Mobile-Friendly Test Result
  • Recommendation to see the problem on your website. With this test, then later Google will tell you about what the problem is and how the recommended solutions to fix it. By doing so, you can detect in which page or part of what happened the problem and you can fix it immediately. So, do not forget to keep using SEO recommendations 2019 for member blogger to stabilize the rate of your content to get to the first page of google.

  • Quality Link Building
  • Regarding building quality links to your own website, don't use the clickbait principle if you don't want your visitors to quickly leave your page. For example, you use anchor text that is not in accordance with the contents of the content that is expected to appear on the visitor's screen, then the visitor will feel upset or disappointed and immediately exit the page that you link on your website. The point is how to keep visitors linger on your page so that the bounce rate will also be low and RankBrain will be better quality.

  • SSL
  • The use of SSL certificates is only required for e-commerce websites, but now Google expects all websites without exception are required to use this SSL certificate. Well, if you are not yet using SSL, then immediately contact your hosting provider to add an SSL certificate for your website. Some commonly used certifications are Comodo, Symantec, Thawte, Rapid SSL and others.

  • Voice Search Engine
  • The use of voice search engine is very wide open to create content that is maximized for the needs of voice search can be done by first is to ensure that the content in the post has all the points that can answer the questions that are needed by your website visitors or your clients. This means don't forget to ensure a better content structure and truly "zero ranks".

    Remember that rank zero is an important algorithm to be able to get the position of the featured snippet that Google specializes in displaying information that is really relevant and useful for users searching on their search engines. Now, by successfully getting a zero position in the search it will automatically have a good ranking on the use of keywords that have been predetermined by using languages ​​targeted to humans and not for search engine needs.

    Of course, the keywords in question will be more adult and mature towards AI technology, where voice search will use the featured snippet feature launched by Google, so it can be concluded that this point is very closely related to SEO recommendations 2019 for member bloggers who will be applied to websites or blogs.

  • Google Business Listing
  • This recommendation is very important for use in online businesses with the concept of entrepreneurship and startup. Why? Because loading various businesses that can be categorized as local businesses that use their location as a point of sale will be very helpful to increase visitors to the website. This means that clients or consumers will be greatly helped by the use of Google maps and business listings that are made professionally by webmasters and SEO master experts.

    To make Google business listings more effective, then there must be a lot of positive reviews in order to help increase CTR. Many internet marketing experts do not realize how vast the traffic can be achieved by simply maximizing the use of business listings on Google as one of the best SEO recommendations 2019.

  • Educational Foundation Target Market
  • SEO webmasters who always focus on technical SEO (both on-page and off-page) who forget about the output in the form of marketing effort. Of course, as a digital blog agency must really understand how to create the right content for SEO 2019 which is no longer solely in the form of content for the needs of Google's crawl engine.

    SEO Recommendations 2019 should create more content that is valuable for personal website visitors and online store sites by first understanding and recognizing your target market. The use of language that suits your target market will certainly increase your content marketing opportunities to be shared again by your visitors.

    Remember that Google with its brain ranking system has brought crawling engines to a level never imagined before by webmasters, such as crawling engines that always read every content, look for the essence and similar sentences in all content like humans, so accuracy is absolutely guaranteed and the best content will get visitors every day.

    What we have explained above, is a piece of SEO recommendations 2019 for member bloggers, but we believe that what has been translated into several points will be able to help you see the future of SEO and practice some of the above points quickly and precisely to begin the link building work year 2019 and for the future. Of course, we also hope that by implementing good and good SEO will make you a successful blogger, good luck.

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