The purpose of this article is how to optimize a web design that can increase the number of visitors. The number of Internet users in the world continues to grow in line with advances in information technology. Products and services marketing media do not just use printed and electronic media.


Moreover, the cost of using the Internet as a medium of marketing is relatively inexpensive when compared to the use of television as a marketing medium. The penetration of the internet as a marketing medium lasted for 24 hours in different parts of the world. But to make an internet site into a site that is visited by many internet users, the site is not only good from the outside view only. Web sites that serve as a medium for marketing must be built with the correct rules so that the Web site be optimal marketing media.

One of the good rules in building the internet site as a marketing medium is how the content of such web sites indexed well in search engines like google. Search engine optimization in the index will be focused on the search engine Google for 83% of internet users across the world using Google as a search engine. Search engine optimization commonly known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important rule that the internet site is easier to find a user with the desired keywords.

SEO Marketing Websites

How important is SEO in internet marketing? If the business is relying on the internet (online business) then SEO is very important and also important, if the business is looking for other markets through internet penetration. Looking for markets via the internet is not just marketing through internet media. But much more than that is how to attract as many visitors as possible to the website. If likened to an offline store, then the website is a strategic location that many people pass by and is famous for the quality of goods and services sold. So the role of marketing in attracting as many visitors is important and the role of SEO on the internet is also important so that visitors can come as much as possible.

Marketing Review

His book Essentials of Marketing Jim Blythe said that marketing is a term given to all activities that occur between organizations/companies and customers. This is a fundamental concept of a market, where sellers and buyers come together to make mutually beneficial transactions (or exchanges). (Blythe, 2005). The other two terms of marketing that are most used are:

  • Marketing is a management process that identifies, anticipates, and meets customer needs efficiently and profitably. (UK Chartered Institute of Marketing).
  • Marketing is the process of planning and implementing concepts, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas for goods and services to create exchanges to meet the needs of individuals and organizations. (American Marketing Association).

Internet Marketing Review

Internet marketing – often called online marketing or eMarketing – is essentially any marketing activity that is conducted online through the use of internet technologies. It comprises not only advertising that is shown on websites, but also other kinds of online activities like email and social networking. Every aspect of internet marketing is digital, meaning that it is electronic information that is transmitted on a computer or similar device, though naturally, it can tie in with traditional offline advertising and sales too.

Then every marketing activity carried out online using internet technology is internet marketing. Including online activities such as e-mail and social networking.

Internet marketing experts: Jones, Malczyk, & Beneke (2011) say that there are three basic principles from internet marketing namely:

  • Immediacy. Changes are fast and up to date in minutes including responding online.
  • Personalization. Customers must be responsive and personalized service is no longer the same for all customers. Use personal information online that customers put in as company profits.
  • Relevance. Online communication must be made attractive and know how to make customers feel served as if welcomed their arrival at the door. so that makes customers feel comfortable.

Search Engine Google

Google continues to dominate the list of most used search engines. Asked which search engine they use most often, 83% of search users say Google. The next most-cited search engine is Yahoo, mentioned by just 6% of search users. When we last asked this question in 2004, the gap between Google and Yahoo was much narrower, with 47% of search users say Google was their engine of choice and 26% citing Yahoo.

Google runs on a distributed data network of thousands of cheap computers and can do parallel data processing quickly. Parallel data processing is a method where many calculations can be carried out simultaneously, significantly speeding up data processing. Google has three important parts:
  • Googlebot, a web crawler that finds and retrieves pages the web.
  • Google Indexer, indexer of every word on every page and store indexes that result in words in a large database.
  • Processor query, which compares search queries by users to an index and recommends documents that are deemed most relevant.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a series of systematic data processes that aim to increase the volume and quality of traffic visiting through search engines to certain websites by utilizing the mechanism of action or the search engine algorithm. The purpose of SEO is to place a website in the top position, or at least the first page of results searches based on certain targeted keywords. Logically, a website that occupies the top position in search results has a greater chance of getting visitors.

In line with the growing development of the use of the internet as a business medium, the need for SEO is also increasing. Being in the top position of search results will increase the chances of a web-based marketing company to get new customers. This opportunity is used by a number of parties to offer search engine optimization services for companies that have a business base on the internet. (Google, 2010).

Domain Selection

The first step in internet marketing that is quite important is domain selection. Because the selection of the right domain of goods and services to be marketed, is very influential in searching on the internet. Why so important? First, it is important to predict the number of words or keywords that users will type or click on from the right domain name. Second, choosing the right domain will make users more accustomed to the relationship with the product/service that will be typed and clicked. In principle, each domain name that is closest to the search keywords then the name will be displayed by Search Engines in the top position.

Meta Tag

Meta tags are descriptions of websites that consist of several main keywords. The Meta tag description is important because Google will use it as a description of the web page. Adding a meta tag description for each web page is a good practice when Google cannot make a good description of the web (Google, 2010). Meta tags that are used in education, Seo Contents Blogger, Education, today's technology.

SEO on Page

SEO on Page is the maximum optimization done on the web itself. SEO on Page is the essence of SEO as a whole. Some SEO on Pages include choosing SEO friendly templates, fixing permalink in posts, using keywords in the posting of articles or product pages, laying out the right keywords and using unique images.

SEO Friendly Template

Many templates for websites that are free or paid. The limited paid templates feature is very complete for online shop sites. for example, premium Wordpress is used, this is a Wordpress based template because Wordpress is a blog template owned by google. In addition to the template also uses the appropriate meta tag. As discussed earlier, Meta tags will be placed as meta descriptions so that Google has no difficulty in creating good descriptions for the web.

Fix Permalink in Posts

Use the permalink that corresponds to the product discussed on a web page. So permalink that has been created automatically by Wordpress, replaced using words. By default permalink on posts is like this Permalink: be Try permalink is quite unique is not the same as similar articles because Google prefers permalinks special.

Use of Keywords on Article Pages or Product Pages

For every web page that contains articles and product posts must be given the right keywords. Selection of the right keywords will be implemented in posts on web pages. So each posting of web pages must contain one or more keyword results from the Google Keyword Planner.

Proper keyword search

There are some guidelines on searching for the right keywords according to SEO rules in the post, both in articles and products, among others (Vaughan, 2008):
  • The title of the article or product posting must use keywords.
  • Article links must contain keywords. Example on permalink.
  • Meta tags / Meta Description must contain keywords.
  • Article titles or products must use keywords.
  • The first paragraph of the article or product must contain keywords.
  • Use unique images that have been alt tags with keywords

Unique Picture

In the SEO principle, to get good grades in the eyes of search engines, must use unique images, so the images entered do not yet exist on other websites. Try these pictures are creations of the designer/web owner except if you can not make the pictures yourself. Actually, there is a service from the internet that provides pictures even though the membership has to be paid. At, almost all article images displayed use self-made images, except for articles and a few articles.

Accelerate Time Loading Web Pages

The template used by is a template whose loading ability is quite fast. Web hosting at HostGator, one of the hosting is quite fast. The images used are also images that are not large in size because to avoid a long loading time.

Many Generated Index

To see the index on the web just type the command site: in the URL address. By entering the site: command, an index of 127 indexes is obtained. The more indexes, the better. This means that if the product continues to be added for sale, the resulting index is also the more SEO results.

Analysis of Visit Traffic Traffic

Based on the results of the flag counter that we use on the web to calculate the magnitude of visits. domain only takes four months, unique visitors have reached 47-120 visitors per day. The number of visitors is purely from SEO implementation without using backlinks.

Position in Google Search Engine On Certain Keywords

Although it is not yet on the first page's position on the "education fresh" keyword that was searched before July 21, 2018, was already in position 21. It's very good considering the age of the web is not even 5 months.

Resume SEO Marketing Websites

From the results of the explanation of the article SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques this marketing website can be concluded as follows:
  • Good website design in accordance with SEO rules can increase traffic in traffic relatively quickly (several months).
  • Target internet users in accordance with the target marketing will increase sales of goods/services.

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