The Hustle APP Coin Latest 2019

The APP Hustle project is a goal-oriented project with the sole purpose of introducing blockchain technology in health and fitness. Also, use this unique technology, in addition health and fitness benefits, the Hustle App will promote rewards. In our our white paper has explained in detail how we can achieve this goal.

The Hustle APP Coin Latest 2019

Introduction Review

Investopedia states: If this technology is very complex, why call it blockchain? level, blockchain is literally just a block chain, but not in the traditional sense of words. When we say the words "block" and "chain" in this context, we are really talking about digital information ("block") is stored in a public database ("chain"). Blockchain technology is currently recognized for having a revolutionary impact on its forcing health digitization and transformation. "This is becoming worldwide and expanding into health services industry.

What is the Blockchain Technology?

As digitalization of all industries has started to expand within a decade, the blockchain entered the global market at the end of 2016 (although in fact it was invented back in 2008, but not widely used). It has touched a wide number of industries bound with technology, information technologies, and Al.

The concept of the blockchain itself is simple, it is a network of blocks that is continuously growing and changing, adapting to the specific industry needs and their peculiarities. The blockchain is based on the distributed ledgers which contain information or facts. In other words, a block is a record of new transactions (medical data like medical device logs, patient vitals, a temperature of medicinal products during shipment, or the location of cryptocurrency). When the new block is completed, it is added to the chain of previously created blocks. In such a way, a huge system of blocks with facts is created, where information is stored and can be accessed anytime. This blockchain technology works alongside smart contracts.

What are Smart contracts?

A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties. These transactions are trackable and irreversible.

the hustle app coin latest 2019

Proponents of smart contracts claim that many kinds of contractual clauses may be made partially or fully self-executing, self-enforcing, or both. The aim of smart contracts is to provide security that is superior to traditional contract law and to reduce other transaction costs associated with contracting. Various cryptocurrencies have implemented several types of smart contracts to diminish other costs associated.

What Has Blockchain Changed in Healthcare

Blockchain technology is nowadays acknowledged for having a revolutionary impact on healthcare forcing its digitalization and transformation. It is taking place worldwide. Many aspects of blockchain technology, such as the immutability of the data stored in a blockchain, are drawing the attention of the healthcare sector, and rosy prospects for many available cases are being discussed. Blockchain technology is expected to improve medical record management and the insurance claim process, accelerate clinical and biomedical research, and advance biomedical and healthcare data ledger.

Healthcare and medicine are also undergoing changes due to the blockchain. The classical technology used in healthcare is centralized. However, the sphere is now experiencing benefits of the decentralized system as well. For example, storing of various medicine-related data has become more secure due to blockchain. Moreover, many blockchain healthcare software providers have already entered the healthcare market.

Improvements of the medicine manufacturing process and control are also blockchain related now. As an area of continuous concern, blockchain technology offers a way to strengthen the process by recording & storing the parameters and delivering an auditable trail of production and shipment with automated decisions.

There are many ways how blockchain and healthcare are connected and can interact. In terms of temperature control, that is vital for pharmaceutical products - as they should be stored under a specific temperature range which is essential to keep across warehouse, shipment, and dispensing - this information should be tracked throughout the whole supply chain with temperature loggers transmitting the temperature history to a blockchain, where Smart Contracts determine the stability of the product.

Blockchain in Healtcare 2019

The blockchain is also already used for file transfers in clinical trials, patient's data and pharmaceutical history storage, creation and maintenance of the blockchain network with patients, physicians, and payers with the further determination of CMN utilizing Smart Contracts, thus shun intermediation.

Regarding the application of technology in healthcare in the near future, blockchain will become one of the crucial drivers along with loT and machine learning to trigger new and more powerful digital processes. It will revolutionize healthcare. In fact, it has already started to do so. With the development and prevalence of blockchain technology, it will be easier to convince healthcare providers to deploy the technology for the smart storing of data, different transactions, temperature and complex software-driven medical appliances control, patient care and research.

Problems Review

There are lots of challenges faced in the fitness and health industry, these challenges include but are not limited to:
  • Competition
  • Competition is a major problem in the health and fitness industry. Many health and fitness facilities offer similar products and services in the same target market. Today, most Apps, wearables and fitness facilities are serious threats to their rivals. Technical devices or other sport related activities can fulfill the needs of what the member wants. We need to fulfill this role of consumer need.

  • Loyalty Program
  • Loyalty program come in many types and methods. Difficulty or ease to use the program. Points expiration and longevity. Accumulation of sufficient points for use. Can only use the loyalty program with a single company. No bonus structure built in. All concerns for the consumer.

  • Trend and More
  • Generally, we have choices. Markets appear with new trends every day. People tend to stray and change routines. For fitness clubs to keep up to the standard and provide quality service, they need to be innovative in every aspect of their business. Consumers may not like memberships or prefer to pay a lower fee for fitness training, and some prefer hourly training rather than a fullmembership program.

  • Social Media
  • In the world today, social media serves as a key tool in virtually every aspect of life and business. It can either make or break a project. For health and fitness, due to amateur tutors and clubs all over social media, there are many new articles and non-professional tips. It is very difficult for a person to select the right facility for their individual benefit. And social media is the avenue for many to follow. Therefore, leadership in the community and across the world is a must. This is why we honor the certified professionals associated with the app.

  • Higt Cost of Personal
  • The high cost of excellent fitness trainers has been a big challenge for most people trying to keep fit. This also can be discouraging. Most professional trainers are experts and amateur psychiatrists. They need good human interaction skills to be able to listen to the clients besides being able to teach physical training. The psychology of an athlete is a major focus point of a professional team. This also goes for the novice. Motivation and termination are required to succeed in fitness. Whether it be a trainer or a friend, a positive and inviting attitude is a must!

Huls Solutions

  • Self Motivation
  • The HUSTLE project through its "HUSTLE APP" will improve self-motivation by connecting like-minded people together. It is not a requirement to connect with others however, it increases motivation and support. Users will also have the opportunity to connect with professional trainers, professional athletes, and healthy food providers to assist with your training and dietary needs to attain goals effectively and efficiently.

  • Rewards
  • Daily challenges will also be given. These challenges will be offered for all skill levels from novice to advanced. Using Android and IOS based apps, including watch applications, Users earn daily bonuses in HUSL tokens for participating in fitness challenges. The HUSL token will be listed on several exchanges giving the holders of the tokens the option to swap to BTC/ ETH/USD using our in-app token swap. The reward structure is outlined below.

  • Loyalty Program
  • Tokens earned will continually accumulate. They can be converted to alternative currency using the in-app swap. This gives the user the option to use the tokens or currency with any company or location. Also, facilitating use for training, fitness facility membership, and an endless list of possibilities. And the best of all: They NEVER expire.

  • Connection
  • The HUSTLE App connects its users to other users in their geographical location. It can also connect them to several fitness professionals, colleagues, dietitians and local fitness centers. With the HUSTLE App creating room for networking among its users, participants can benefit from this amazing feature.

  • Professional Training
  • All HUSL users can request professional trainers through the App. All the featured professional trainers are nationally certified to ensure you are receiving the best training possible. Professional athletes are also an option. This will boost the morale and dedication to their training. Users will become easily comfortable to use our platform and know are covered in virtually every aspect.

  • Group Fitness Training
  • Through Social Media sharing within the app, users can join forces by providing the option to find an exercise partner or group. No matter what city or area you are in, others sharing their location will be given the option to partner and choose an exercise program to conquer together. Challenge and motivate each other. Support one another in bettering the one Thing that should have a positive impact in your life – Health.

Hustle Project Overview

The HUSTLE project is a unique project that promotes health along with financial freedom. This
project focuses on connecting the world while promoting health, wellness and fitness.

How Can The Hustle Project Promote Health?

In addition to the already stated health benefits, the Hustle App also wants to earn and be rewarded for your efforts and dedication to fitness. The HUSTLE project wants to change the strategy of keeping fit by the introduction of blockchain technology in its project. Through the unique features of the “HUSTLE APP”, tokens never expire and can be used at will including to trade or convert for other currency. Tokens can be traded on exchanges or P2P.

The Hustle Mobile Application:

The Hustle App is available in the Android and IOS based applications and will be followed by Fitbit use. The app is backed by top fitness and cryptocurrency leaders in the market. The Hustle App is a TOTALLY FREE app with no memberships or fees and designed to reward users for exercising and training. It can also connect like-minds for training which inspires motivation and results through group fitness and support.

The Hustle App works alongside the smart watch by tracking fitness progress and staying in touch. The interface in the app will stay connected to your profile and maintain an overall balance of
your lifestyle.

Participants earn bonuses in HUSL tokens for helping others to stay fit and healthy through group fitness and exercise. The HUSL App also has an integrated wallet that enables the token swap, holders of the HUSL App can easily swap HUSL tokens to ETH, BTC or USD.

Hustle App Features

  • Tracking
  • Runners, walkers and bikers alike can track their miles, milestones and project-ed goals. They can also keep record of preplanned tracks and road runs. Whether running, walking or biking, the. Hustle App will track your progress and display routes completed and custom routes you designed. All logs will be kept in method to visualize your change and progress.

  • Training
  • Simple programs to advanced programs. Continual progress is key Stay healthy, fit and lead a positive-life-style. You have endless opportunities across your country and around the world to use fitness centers and training facilities. Whether you want to work-out a particular body part or a full-body workout, Swim, Spin, Run, Yoga or any type of fitness offered, there are several options available. A complete line up of exercise routines and workouts are readily available.

    Yoga and Meditation is also offered to help with not only your physical but your mental health. Daily routines and plans for the beginner to the advanced will be offered.

    Running routines and plans can be designed to prepare you for a 5 K or a marathon. With time and distance track-ing you can follow your progress. Steps counted and calories burned will be tracked. Biking will also have tracking of route, distance and pace.

  • Diet And Nutrition Table
  • The Hustle App helps to set diet plans depending on the user goals. Meals can easily be created and tracked along with calorie counting if you require. Participants will also be able to use the healthy chef designed meal services which deliver healthy meals designed for your specialized needs. Whether you are on a low-carb diet, muscle building diet, keto diet, or one of many more, the Hustle App connections will fill all of your needs.

The Hustle Token

Token Specification

The HUSL token is an ERC-20 token created on the Ethereum blockchain.

MAXIMUM SUPPLY: 1,000,000,000

Token Use Cases

The HUSL token as a utility token will be used to:
  • Connect to major brand name, fitness-wear, and clothing.
  • Promote health, wellness, and fitness and to provide earned rewards.
  • Connect for fitness center membership or discounts on monthly fees.
  • Connect to Healthy Chef designed meal planning services.
  • Reward participants for participating in fitness training.
  • Options of token conversion and transfer.

Benefits to vendor

Vendors accepting the HUSL Token will be included in the app and will have direct client contact through business promotion with the public.
  • It is a driving force for increased patrons to these businesses, resulting in an increase in clients for the business.
  • Typical and routine discounts by vendors can be awarded as a benefit to users of the HUSL App, thus creating a vendor-user direct connection.
  • Vendor can provide certified fitness trainers to users, also creating the vendor-user relationship.
Hustle Token Parameters
MAXIMUM SUPPLY 1000 000 000

Hustle Token Sale IEO Details

Tokens will be offered to the public in three stages on Sistemkoin exchange with the general term of HUSTLE TOKEN IEO. Each stage differs in terms of placement price per token, but all bonuses remain the same.

Husl Bonus Structure

All exercise will be tracked using the link with Health Data. All rewards are based off of exercise and movement along with heart rate monitoring.
  • Personal Fitness
  • Daily fitness tracked via the app will earn a comparison value of 5 tokens per workout halfhour.

  • Group and Family Fitness
  • When participating in group of family fitness, the same reward as Personal Fitness will earn a bonus of 1.5 tokens per half-hour will be awarded.

  • Using a Fitness Trainer via the APP
  • While using a referred trainer, in addition to the Personal Fitness Tokens, an additional 3.5 tokens will be earned.

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Bonus
  • Each day, a fitness training guide will be provided and used according to the fitness level of each user. Each week of completing this fitness routine will earn an additional 5 Tokens. This value may increase significantly at periodic times with "Super - Workouts" as designed by the fitness expert. You will receive a flash notification on the app designating an opportunity to earn extra tokens.
    After completing the daily programs for a week (minus 2 rest days), a bonus of 2 tokens will be earned. If all days in a month are completed (minus 2 rest days per week), a bonus of an additional 5 tokens will be earned.
Personal Fitness: workout for 1-week (1 hour per day x 5 days)= 50 Tokens plus 1-week reward of 2  Tokens for a total of 52 Tokens. And for a month = 4 weeks (4x52 tokens) plus the monthly bonus of 5 tokens = 213 tokens.

Marketing Review

Hustle App project as a unique project has adopted modern and professional measures for the
marketing of the “HUSTLE APP”. These unique marketing strategies include:
  • The Hustle App will run on as its domain name. Our website is a professional and modern website for a big project like the Hustle App project. Our website is unique and user friendly as to assist investors go through and have a clear insight into the project. It will also serve as a major marketing tool.

  • The Hustle App will utilize social media platforms for the marketing of the HUSL Token. Ad packages will run in various markets to enable us to hit our target.

  • Press releases will be on top PR marketing sites to help create global awareness about the Hustle App project.

  • The Hustle App will partner with various companies and organizations around the globe to help market its unique product and broaden its marketplace.

  • The Hustle App project will conduct several awareness campaigns that will run for a specified period of time. These campaigns will enable our token to be well recognized in the crypto industry. A Bounty Campaign will also be utilized for the duration of Pre-IEO.

  • Word of mouth is a major marketing tool. With our unique and transparent approach, our visitors will create an environment leading to more investors.

  • Our company will work with several industry leaders to help promote the Hustle App project.

  • HUSL token will be listed on top exchanges on exchanges verified on Coinmarketcap. This is to enable trading with a variety of choices.

Hustle Road Map

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