3WM Virtual Currency Industry Bioenergy Project in 2020

3WM develops the latest innovative solutions while allowing climate players to monetize their actions for the climate through crypto currencies and virtual currency conditions for bioenergy networks.

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3WM Virtual Currency Industry Bioenergy Project in 2020

What is 3WM Project?

3WM is a global virtual currency industry project dedicated to protecting the environment and improving the actual financial condition. Our ambition is to revolutionize the way we manage waste and plastics, the way we treat water, the way we move, by creating the world's largest network of bioenergy plants and the world's first green intelligence network.

Project Virtual Cryptocurrency 3WM

Invest in most inclusive green ecosystem based on Blockchain & patented technologies

3WM develops innovative solutions and supports companies that bring significant improvements to the environment while allowing climate players to monetize their actions in favor of climate through a cryptocurrency dedicated to the circular economy in 3 areas: water, waste and mobility.

Vision 3WM

The planet is experiencing unprecedented widespread pollution that threatens the life of ecosystems and living things. Waste is piling up everywhere, all the time, especially plastic waste, which has become an omnipresent major poison. In addition, 2.1 billion people do not have access to drinking water and the resulting mortality rate is exorbitant and unacceptable. Finally, the mobility and transport facilitated, which punctuate our way of life, without being the first issue in terms of pollution, reduce each day a little more the air quality, and have disastrous consequences for our health and the climate.

Vision 3 WM Cryptocurrency

3WM is a global project fighting pollution of soil, water and air. We have created a virtuous environmental circle based on blockchain and revolutionary industrial technologies, disruptive and patented, waste recovery, purification of water, improved mobility modes.

Resulting from the committed and humanist vision of a group of Swiss and French founders, 3WM brings an unprecedented response, concrete project for the future of the planet, and profitable for its investors :
  • We transform 100% of waste into energy by developing the 1st global network of clean and autonomous factories transforming 100% of waste into energy.
  • We create a virtuous circle of depollution by paying in 3WM token waste collection and ecological actions.
  • We treat water by making it drinkable and accessible to as many people as possible.
  • We improve transport modes to ever lower CO2 emissions.
  • We are creating the world's first network of ecological centers dedicated to the protection of the environment (ETC), dedicated to the acceleration of global green-tech projects, to research, sharing, and investment.


The 3WM is a global concept with a committed and experienced team that responds to these environmental questions by providing innovative and practical solutions to pollution of soil, water, and air. The business model implemented by the 3WM group is based on the Following main activities:
  1. Sales of technologies and equipment: thanks to its 3 pillars and their partners, the 3WM group owns a multitude of technologies and innovative concepts in the fields of the circular economy and renewable energies ensuring it already an attractive profitability in short and middle term.
  2. Sale of Plastic To Energy machines and factories: One of the flagship products of 3WM is the processing of plastic waste and its transformation into Energy (Fuel, Electricity, etc.) with a high performance, a positive energy balance and rapid return on investment.
  3. Exclusivity of brands , patents and technologies by country : In order to have better development for our activities worldwide , we have decided to find partners , well-established families in each country or group of countries. In this context, and to respond to requests for exclusivity, we give investors or these families the possibility of associating with us in the shareholding of our country holding companies already created in Switzerland.
  4. Royalties of Plastic To Energy : For the sustainability of the concept 51% of the activities of country holding companies remain the property of 3WM group, these companies receive monthly royalties from the Waste To Energy plastic factories and other activities in the dedicated country.

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