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Cryptocurrency exchange reviews are virtually non existent. There is no well known place where Cryptocurrency exchanges are ranked according to user experience. The are a lot of popular platforms where people can view exchanges according to their volume and trust scores, but there is none where the experience of end users are listed.

Best Cryptocurrency ProExchangers

Users have lost crypto on popular exchanges. If they can access end user reviews, this loss would be prevented. There is also the problem of fake Volume which creates a problem for users looking for trusted exchanges to trade on. Another problem is that relatively new Crypto Exchanges and projects find it difficult to stand out in the Crowd.

To Solve this problem we have created the ProExchangers Crypto Exchange review platform, along with this platform we have the Proexchangers Review Token, A token designed to reward users who promote transparency in the Crypto space.

A review is a critical evaluation of a business or a product from an end user or professional critic. Examples of popular review websites are Metacritic, IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. Reviews provide users with a guide on the product that they’re trying to purchase.

Reviews are very important and they can go a long way in solving the trust problems people have in the crypto space. 90% of customers read a review before visiting a business and 88% trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

The info graphic below shows the importance of online customer reviews. ProExchangers propose a transparent review platform to help retail crypto users get a balanced review process.

Cryptocurrency DCE

A cryptocurrency exchange or a digital currency exchangers (DCE) is a business that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets, such as conventional fiat money or other digital currencies. A cryptocurrency exchange can be a market maker that typically takes the bid-ask spreads as a transaction commission for is service or, as a matching platform, simply charges fees.

Decentralized exchangers

Decentralized exchanges such as OKEX, BYBIT and 113 MARKETCAP do not store users' funds on the exchange, but instead facilitate peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading. Decentralized exchanges are resistant to security problems that affect other exchanges, but as of mid 2020 suffer from low trading volumes.

Platform ProExchangers

Proexchangers proposes a website where people can review Crypto Exchanges honestly and give useful feedback to people looking for Exchanges to trade on.

This Platform Contains

The ProExchangers review website, Where people can write reviews on exchanges and find honest opinion from users and The ProExchangers Review Token to finance Crypto review transparency.

This Problems Cryptocurrency

Transparency: The Crypto currency space has been having long standing problems with transparency. The problems have been due to a perceived lack of transparency in trading volumes.

Risk to Retail Investors: A lot of retail investors have lost money by trading in the wrong exchange due to a lot of reasons. The nature of the Crypto currency industry means that retail investors have to depend on exchanges, developers and coin ranking sites to make decisions.

This relationship looks like this:

From the diagram above we can see that retail investors dont have a central point where they can share their opinions on exchanges and projects with other users. Retail investors have no central way of getting information from other users and relaying information to other users.

The ProExchangers Website

The ProExchangers website has the look and feel of a regular crypto exchange ranking website. The only difference is that it has a star ranking system by the side. Clicking on the stars will take you to the page where all reviews for the exchange are listed. To write a review you need to create an account and verify your email.

There is a Write a review button on the exchange page and on the reviews page. This button takes you to a basic form where you can write your review.

Review Systems and Scoring

Reviews are classed as three types, positive, negative and neutral. Users select the type of review they want then they select a star rating. Positive reviews are assigned a score of +1, neutral reviews have a
score of 0 and negative reviews get a score of -1. Let’s call this R.

The star ratings are assigned a value of 1 to 5 for each star. The average of this is calculated to give the star rating. Call this S. Pro Score: The pro score is a numeric value that represents the professionalism of an exchange. To calculate the pro score, the sum of R for an exchange is multiplied by the star rating.
PS = SUM(R) * S

Anti-Scam Guidelines

This a lot of actors will try to abuse this system and to mitigate this we will run a very transparent platform. Measure to mitigate scam and fake reviews include:
  • Reviews will never be deleted;
  • Spam reviews will be moved to a spam tab and will be marked as Scam;
  • Reviews under the spam tab will not be calculated as part of the pro score;
  • Users can only write one review per Exchange, project, token or coin;
  • Temporary Email Accounts will not be accepted;
  • Email accounts must be verified.

ProExchangers Review Token (PERT)

The ProExchangers Review Token is an ERC20 token designed to be a utility to support ProExchangers supporters. The Exchange will be issued based on user activity or referral activity and the activity of the bounty community.

Token Details

Platform: ERC20 tokens; MAX Supply: TBD; Contract address: TBD; Launch Date: TBD.

Website Details Proposes

Here the ProExchangers Website proposes a website where people can review your Cryptocurrency, exchange it honestly, and provide useful feedback for people looking for Exchange to trade. As below:
  • ProExchangers review website, where people can write reviews about exchanges and find honest opinions from users.
  • ProExchangers Review Token, to finance Crypto transparency reviews.

The nature of the Crypto currency industry means that retail investors must rely on exchanges, developers and coin ranking sites to make decisions. This relationship looks like a relationship between retail investors and players in the Crypto industry.

From the diagram above we can see that retail investors do not have a central point where they can share opinions about exchanges and projects with other users. Retail investors do not have a primary way to get information from other users and convey information to other users.

Fake Volume

There is a problem of fake volume and how creating trust issues, hopefully popular coin rating platforms try to solve them by creating metrics.

Another problem is that the young crypto project does not have enough visibility and ProExchangers aims to resolve this problem by creating classes and pages dedicated only to projects that are less than 18 months old.

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