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The perfect keywords from a particular Blog/Web are available on page 1, and rank 1 the main base on knowledge about SEO, What are Blog/Web Keywords?

Blog/Web keywords are often referred to as article content descriptions, Meta Tags, Blog/Web main descriptions.

Keyword Planner Google

Keywords Web (Wordpress) and Keyword Blog

Web page views (Wordpress) are available in SEO Keyword settings (Yoast SEO, and others). Blogs are available basic and classic SEO tool structures and not everyone knows the functions of the SEO tools available on Blogs.

Keyword Planner Google

Google's Keyword Planner is an application tool system developed by Google's corporation to help Google Adwords advertisers and SEO practitioners to be able to research the keywords most searched by Google search engine users.

How to Guide Keyword Interface Blog

Keyword interface This blog is an outdated experience, ranking article trends. Of course, old experiments appear on important elements of the SEO algorithm in 2020. If your blog rank decreases, the solution is to improve the keywords in the Blog's interface settings-Search Preferences, Meta Tags.

Enable search description

Details Listed Points

The Points Details Registered in the picture explain the process flow setting basic keywords on the Blog.

Listed Points

  1. Keywords Basic Settings 
  2. Description of search Interface Blog
  3. Click button option enable search description

Search Description Interface Article Blog

Writing a blog article, regardless of the SEO 2020 keyword algorithm, is useless. The shot image below shows the new blog page interface where there are arrows available.

Search Description Article Blog

Description Search, a thorough and patented Keyword field are available with a maximum of 150 characters of text.

Keyword services and site Domain articles available


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