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The virtual currency KingCasino is the most popular online gaming platform that allows players to use it cryptocurrency for a variety of casino, slot and sports betting games. The KingCasino company project is proud to present our unique KCT token. Investors become shareholders by obtaining our ERC20-based KCT token.

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Tokens allow investors to receive quarterly dividends from project profits from KingCasino profits and receive active voting rights significant business decisions. combines two of the leading variable sectors of the virtual currency industry - cryptocurrency and online games.

In parallel, we will issue KCT security tokens. These are the first-ever security tokens in the online gaming industry. This unique approach allows us to raise capital for necessary expansion. Plus, investors participate in and profit from the booming online gaming market. KCT tokens also grant full adoption of blockchain technology to ensure transparency, promptness, and fairness for online gaming, shareholder voting and profit-sharing.

Our team is a group of dedicated professionals with decades of experience in all relevant topics of our project. Our main targets in 2020 include the expansion of gaming and betting offers for our customers and pushing the global rollout of our platform.

Important Criteria

One of the most critical aspects of our growth is our industry-leading partner model with the highest possible revenue share deals and the possibility of regional exclusivity. Our partners don’t merely supply links; they are and have to be, active marketing and business partners. With a market expected to nearly double from around $50 billion to $95 billion by 2024, online gaming has been and is going to be one of the fastest-growing industries. 

Participate in this booming market by joining us either as a customer, partner or KCT security token investor! This white paper provides essential information about and the KCT security token to help our prospective supporters gaining a clear insight into our business model and our long-term vision.

Market Opportunities and Challenges

Market Opportunies

Online gaming has been and is going to be one of the fastest-growing and stable industries. A study by BusinessWire shows that this market is expected to nearly double from around $50 billion in 2019 to $95 billion by 2024, averaging a growth rate of around 14% per year. Casinos, betting, and gambling is one of the oldest industries the world knows. It has been a safe investment and producing reliable growth and revenue for decades.

Article some of the main factors that contribute to the impressive growth of the online gaming market can be listed as follows:

  • The Ubiquity of the Internet

The Internet truly revolutionized the players’ experience of casinos. Wherever they are, whenever they please, users can place bets in online casino games through their phones, tablets, or desktop. This ability to be able to play at their most convenient time and place leads to a transition of players from traditional casinos to online casinos. The latest spread of Coronavirus will only exacerbate this abandonment of conventional casinos in favor of online casinos. 

  • The Ubiquity of the Internet

Higher incomes and more free time generally mean more disposable income and more time to spend gaming and betting.

  • Licensing

In many countries, government issues online casino licenses. Online casino license holders may be organizations or individuals. Below is a pie chart showing the percentage number of countries that have legalized online gambling.
Licensing Crytptocurrency KingCasino

The Challenges

As with any young industry, some problems and challenges that undermine the growth potential of online gaming. Some of these are listed as follows:

  • Lack of Transparency

Many betting companies operate under a shade of confidentiality, not allowing customers to know how odds are created or how much money is poured in. This lack of transparency leads to skepticism and fear of fraud on the part of users.

  • No Guaranteed Payments

When the cash-out process requires submitting a request, waiting for approval, enduring frequent delays, and occasional refusals. This creates a dissatisfactory user experience that can lead gamers to play elsewhere.

  • Unpleasant Experiences

It is compulsory for players in many online casino platform jurisdictions to complete a verification process. This lengthy verification, registration, and payment process are a common cause of incomplete registration because of the dissatisfying user experience. 

  • Unfair Conditions

Even in its fairest implementation, traditional betting remains a highly centralized endeavor, taking power away from the players and placing it in the hands of bookmakers. Simply stated, in the long run, individuals will inevitably lose all their funds against “the House.”

  • Security Concerns

Practically, all online resources are threatened by malicious attacks from hackers all around the world. The centralized nature of betting providers makes all bettors vulnerable to external and internal attacks, putting players’ funds and financial information at risk.

  • High Fees

Most betting operators charge fees for everything – even for depositing money – or hide fees within each transaction (e.g., adding a premium on exchange rates). Providers that solve these challenges inherent in the online gaming industry secure a decisive competitive advantage in the market and harness the enormous growth potential.

KCT Security Tokens

Our next step is rapid global expansion and the implementation of our technological advantages, which allow us to get ahead of the competition. So, we decided to issue KCT security tokens, the first-ever security tokens issued in the online gaming industry. The KCT token serves many purposes and will help reach a dominant position on the market. It allows us to:
  • The solves the challenges of the online gaming industry;
  • The invite the crowd to participate in the industry and profit from the enormous growth potential by owning shares of our company;
  • Raise the necessary capital through crowd sale for platform expansion and technological improvement;
  • Increase the brand awareness and customer base of through marketing campaigns during ICO and IEO.

Owners of KCT tokens can use them as a digital currency to play at our casino or trade on major exchanges. Owners also have the option to hold tokens to keep the shares, voting rights and to benefit from the rising prices and quarterly dividends. 

Our goal is to use the capital raised to advance our technology and expand the KingCasino With the right resources, technological advantages over competitors, and an experienced team, all aligned, we expect to become a dominant player in the market in just a few years.

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