Structured Data SEO 2020

How to implementation SEO data structure methods in 2020?

Structured Data SEO 2020 is implemented to help your web articles in the Google search engine. Google's search engine is very good and relevant to the keyword parameters that visitors like. Well, the acceleration speed of SEO supporting article templates is responsive and compatible mobile friendly.

Structured Data SEO 2020

Structured Data SEO 2020

The algorithm robot identifies the page type and its main topic. But, when it comes to specifics, for the meaning of smaller content elements, search engines can use a little help, in the form of decryption meta tags.

What is Structured Data - SEO in 2020?

Structured data for 2020 is a standard technique for depicting web page elements in search engines. Descriptions are added to the page script in the form of tags. Tags are created using vocabulary (words) and certain syntax (grammar).

There are several different vocabularies, e.g. and, as well as several different syntaxes, e.g. JSON-LD and Microdata, which can be used for structured data. Although over the years the combination of's vocabulary and JSON-LD syntax has become the gold standard for describing page elements:

<script type="application/ld+json">
"@context": "",
"@type": "Recipe",
"name": "Party Coffee Cake"

The data script above draws the data structure in the code, see the following review:

The first line defines the syntax - JSON-LD
The second line defines the vocabulary -
The third line is the type of markup - Recipe
The fourth line is the recipe property, its name - Party Coffee Cake

The script defines more properties, such as ingredients, cooking time, reviews, and authors, and so on.
You can apply structured data methods to pages by adding this block of code to your HTML file. the vocabulary experiment here is learning about different types of markup and applying them to scale, e.g. if you have a large website, but the script itself is quite an effective SEO algorithm in 2020.

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